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Getting You

in Motion

My goal is to treat each patient individually through manual therapy, therapeutic exercises and strengthening, therapeutic modalities and more

Feel Better, Move Better, Be Better

Regain muscle strength and get your body moving with help from VF Physical Therapy! I offer various physical therapy services to treat musculoskeletal injuries and other medical conditions. I provide skilled physical therapy services including therapeutic exercises, manual therapy, modalities, etc. My one-on-one therapy sessions focus on various manual therapy, stretching, exercise, and modality techniques to target pain areas in your body for rapid tension relief. Connect with me in Staten Island, New York to schedule a session today!

*I have flexible work hours to fit your time availability.

Stretching Clinic Service Rates 

30-Minute First-Time Session      $55

25-Minute Session      $75

40-Minute Session      $110


Just some of the conditions we treat:

          • Ankle Sprain
          • Knee Replacement
          • Frozen Shoulder
          • Cervicalgia
          • Muscle Spasms
          • Post-Surgical
          • Plantarfascitis
          • Bunion
          • Etc.

Body regions we treat:

          • Neck
          • Shoulder
          • Back
          • Elbow
          • Wrist
          • Hip
          • Knee
          • Ankle/Foot
          • Etc.
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